About Us

Established in the year 2002 AMTRON GIS Division offers complete spectrum of GIS, Remote Sensing, Application Development and GIS enabled Enterprise solutions.

Experienced and motivated partners of professionals having strong & diverse educational background like Geology, Geography, Environment, Soil, Hydrology Life Sciences and Forestry, etc.

Resources are cross-trained on various technologies such as Remote Sensing, GIS Survey etc.

The basis of our success is our approach to strengthen our users through “Capacity Building”.


Remote Sensing Service Areas
Our Remote Sensing services meet the highest international standards for satellite / aerial image processing, land use classification, high accuracy DEM extraction from stereo images etc. employing innovative techniques in RS field.

  • DEM Extraction
  • Orthorectification
  • Pansharpening
  • Image Mosaicing
  • Atmospheric corrections
  • Color Enhancement/LUT editing
  • Tiling of the Image Mosaic
  • Impervious feature extraction
  • Documentation files creation
  • Image Classification etc,

GIS Data Capture Services

We use following techniques for GIS Data capture in varied fields like Thematic Maps, Electrical power networks, Navigation data, Utility infrastructure, Land records and survey data & Environmental and geological etc.,

GIS Data Capture Services

  • Remote sensing and surveying techniques
  • Scanning, manual digitizing, vectorization, photogrammetry etc.

GIS Application Development Services

  • Web based Application Development
  • Design, Development and Maintenance of Geospatial Databases
  • Database Migration on Cross Platforms
  • Application Migration on Cross Platforms
  • Mobile Spatial Information System
  • SDI (spatial Data Infrastructure)
  • Open Source Environment

Core Modules

A desk top integrated Mapping and Image analysis software

A Web GIS application with basic GIS functions and Query/Filter capabilities.

CAARS (Catalogue Archival and Retrieval System)
A Data management tool for both Vector and Raster. A vital tool for managing data and facilitates collaborative data sharing . Enables Indexing, achieving and retrieval and sharing over the cloud.

Application developed

Desk top GIS, Web GIS, Data management tools etc.


State of the art facilities include:
High end SUN workstations, A0 Scanner, A0 Plotter, DGPS units, Hand held GPS units, Electronic Total Station, Image Analysis and Mapping software.


  • Geo Database creation
  • MAPPING of Natural and Physical resources
  • Data collection – Socio Economic
  • Precision Geo-referencing
  • Resolution Merging
  • DTM & Contour Generation
  • Ortho Rectification
  • Seamless Mosaic Creation
  • Simulated Natural Color Composite
  • Change Detection Studies
  • Creation of GIS database for Field Surveyed Data
  • RS and GIS based analyses
  • Integration and analysis of different thematic maps

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